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Volume 4 Issue 3 (July - Sept.) 2021

Review Articles

Significance of Padabhyanga As A Daily Ritual

Priyanka Godara, Sunayana Sharma and Anupam Pathak

Ayurveda aimed in prevention and cure of physical and mental health. In Ayurveda, Dinacharya is one of the concept which helps to fulfill this aim of Ayurveda. Vitality enhancing technique which is incorporated in massage of the feet is called Padabhyanga. It is one of the prophylactic principles mentioned in Ayurvedic dinacharya. The hectic computerised life style, faulty food habits, stress and strain, irregular sleeping habits and negligence in following daily and seasonal regimen provoke many eye problems. By doing Padaabhyanga, Kharatwa, Stabdata, Rukshata, Shrama, Suptata of pada relieved and Bala, Sthairya improved, Drustiprasaadakara. It also prevents Grudrasi vaata, Pada sputana, Sirasnaayu sankocha. Key Word- Ayurveda, Dinacharya, Padabhyanga, Snehana.

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