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Volume 4 Issue 2 (Apr.- June) 2021

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External Application of Drugs in Homoeopathy

Ajay Vishwakrama, Parveen Kumar Sharma

Homoeopathy mainly advocates internal medication alone on symptom similarity for the treatment of diseases. External applications are not in accordance with the principles of homoeopathy (5th edition Organon of Medicine, § 185-203). But in aphorisms 284-285 in his Organon of Medicine, 6th edition, Hahnemann has given an exceptional allowance for external applications. Objectives- To ascertain the effect of external Application in Homoeopathic clinical Practice. Methedology- The study was comparative trial of two group A and B. Group A received internal medicine on basis of totality of symptoms along with suitable drugs as external or local application and Group B only received internal medicine on basis of totality of symptoms. Duration of study was 1.6 yrs. This was single centered study. Cases taken in which external application may be used like Skin disease, Rheumatism, OA, RA, Hair etc in both group. Patient randomly assigned in group.The comparision was done at the end of study with help of Chi-Square test for stastical analysis at significance level <0.5. Observation- group A patient show better and faster recovery that gr b patient. In group A, 37 patient recovered and 13 patients improved and in group B, 21 patient recovered and 29 patients improved. We use Chi-Square test for stastical analysis at level of significance 0.05. After analysis Calculated Chi- squre vallue= 10.509, at level of significance 0.05. Corresponding P value is 001188. Result was Significant at p < 0.05. In group A, Arnica montana, Borex, Bervaris Aqua., Calendula, Echenecia, Thuja etc. used in external application in various complaint during study. Conclusion- At the end of study we conclude that use of drug as external application is benefecial in some disease along with internal medicine. Key Word- External Application, Tropical, Homoeopathy, Skin, Local application etc

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