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Volume 4 Issue 2 (Apr.- June) 2021

Review Articles

Organon of Medicine in Relation to Modern Day Practice of Medicine

Bikash Biswas, Madhumita Nath

The knowledge of disease is a basic principle for every physician. Based on studies of modern-day practice of medicine and Organon of medicine by Samuel Hahnemann, there are similarities of principle which he stated 200 years ago in his work. The foundation laid 200 years ago is modified, but it remains indispensable to treat patient like an individual and not as merely as a case of disease. Hahnemann’s basic idea runs through all the stages of his doctrine. Modern day practice of medicine has so much developed with technical and scientifically modified in the treatment of each patients, but there is lack of understanding in busy doctors for patients as a whole which has been stated in organon of medicine that treat the patient as a whole and not by his organs or particular sufferings, with proper knowledge of disease and its application. In the Hahnemannian era there was no particular tool for diagnosis of disease, thus doctors made prescription with their faulty speculation and were prejudiced and made the patients more complicated. But now a days having the with highest level of diagnostic tools with superspecialist services also made the patients more complicated because of less human understanding, less tact, and more the technical skill, biasness and prejudice.

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