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Volume 4 Issue 2 (Apr.- June) 2021

Original Articles

Study on Role of Homoeopathic Remedies in Adenoids with Clinical Cases

Pintu Srivastva, Sudhakar, U. K.Verma, M. K. Sahani, Bimla Dholival

The adenoids are a mass of lymphoid tissue located behind the nasal passages, it may become infected and remain enlarged or chronically infected, and subsequently lead to obstructed breathing, snoring/sleep apnea, sinus or ear infections, or other problems. Adenoidectomy is a surgical procedure performed to remove the adenoids. Surgery may involve risks of unsuccessful results, complications, or injury from both known and unforeseen causes. Because individuals differ in their response to surgery, their anesthetic reactions, and their healing outcomes.However the Homoeopathic literatures have a different viewpoint. Homoeopathy considers the appearance of these causative organisms as an end product of the disease process. In the 30 trials that yielded sufficient data, homeopathy was significantly more effective than placebo. As a possible alternative to surgery a classical homeopathic treatment can be considered. The treatment depends on the patient’s symptoms, his or her constitution, and on possible accompanying diseases. Thus the topic was taken, to work, to see the role of homoeopathic remedies in treatment of adenoids with clinical cases. Key Word- Adenoid vegetations, homeopathy, Environment, Tropical, adenotomy, Statistical, Constitutional, Similimum.

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