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Volume 4 Issue 1 (Jan.- March) 2021

Review Articles

Hyperlipidaemia and Homoeopathy

Yogeshwari Gupta, Jaya Sharma, Swati Sharma

Hyperlipidaemia is a broad term that refers to acquired or genetic disorders that results in high levels of lipids (fats, cholesterol & triglycerides) circulating in the blood. It is an individual risk factor for cardiovascular complications. Usually this condition is diagnosed by routine blood test because hyperlipidaemia doesnt cause any symptom. Its prevalence is increasing in many developing countries due to westernization of diet, obesity, aging, reduced physical activity and other adverse lifestyle changes. Statin is the first line of treatment for dyslipidaemia and there are known side effects of statin therapy. Considering the homoeopathic mode of treatment, we find a good scope in treating this condition. The development of a logical plan of treatment for this condition demands a good knowledge about homoeopathic therapeutics along with knowledge of practice of medicine. Key Word- Hyperlipidaemia, Dyslipidaemia, Cholesterol, Homoeopathy.

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