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Volume 4 Issue 1 (Jan.- March) 2021

Review Articles

Hypertension & Its Homoeopathic Management

Pramod kumar Singh, Dushyant Kumar, Abhishek Mathur

Hypertension is very disturbing public health problem. It causes high morbidity and mortality worldwide. It is a major risk factor for subsequent cardiovascular disease. Defining hypertension is very difficult, but individual patient risk only assess from severity of hypertension. So JNC 7 recommends a classification of Blood Pressure (expressed in mm Hg). Most of the people with hypertension have unaware about their problem because it has no warning sign & symptoms. Occasionally and in severe cases sign and symptoms occur. It is most commonly diagnosed based on repeated BP measurements in a clinical office setting. Therapeutic lifestyle changes should be recommended for all individuals with hypertension and pre-hypertension

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