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Volume 3 Issue 4 Oct- Dec 2020

Case Reports

A Case Study of A Management of Apabahuka with Agnikarma & Patra Pinda Sweda

Himanshu Verma, Anupam Pathak

In Ayurveda Apabahuka is disease of vata & kapha dosha localizing around the amsa pradesha. The symptoms of Apabahuka are similar as frozen shoulder also called adhesive capsulitis in modern medicine. Prevalence rate of this disease in 2 5 % in general population but 40 to 60 age group people are more affected. Its mostly found in females. In this disease patient is not able to wear cloths & some households works & difficulties in movement. one of our patient who got no relief with conservative treatment & orthopedic surgeon was suggested him for surgery but he refused & ready to treated with Agni karma & Patrapinda sweda . This case illustrates the use of Ayurvedic treatment measures in non responding cases of frozen shoulder or Apabhauka.

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