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Volume 3 Issue 4 Oct- Dec 2020

Review Articles

Quality of Life of Elderly People in Changing Family Scenario

Rajendra Singh, Parveen Sharma

Old age has been topic of huge discussion for those who have reached it and a source of speculation for those who have not. With the changing dynamics of family structure the position and mind set of the elderly has also changed. The lack of interest in competing with others, lack of motivation to do things and the tendency to reminisce in past thoughts, motivates them to develop old age complex. As the traditional families are rapidly disappearing even in rural areas, people are migrating towards urban setup. The geriatric population is left behind due to migration, urbanization, industrialization and globalization giving rise to the empty nest syndrome. At this juncture; family and social support plays a crucial role in the lives of the aged individuals. It is an extremely significant resource as they age. Social support also contributes towards wellbeing and sense of self worth and positive affect. Inclusive reviews signify the importance of social support in changing family scenario towards quality of life among elderly.

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