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Volume 3 Issue 4 Oct- Dec 2020

Original Articles

Role of Organon of Medicine in Evolution of Pharmacology and Pharmaceutics- Follow up of 100 Cases of Skin Disease Treated with External Application

Rajvinder Kaur, N. C. Chatterjee, Gagandeep Kaur, Ruchi Biswas

Hahnemann, by propagating homoeopathic pharmacy has compartmentalized the whole science of pharmacology into two that is homoeopathic pharmacy and others. Conventional pharmacopoeia dealt with only the medicinal substances in their crude state and their application in different quantity. Homoeopathic pharmacology is altogether different and unique from all others. Here, in this study, poetized medicines have been used on externally to note the effects, if any. Practice found that external application of poetized remedy, selected similimum, acts well when applied externally. This work devotes to use of similimum externally (footnote to 282, 6th edition) without any internal application.

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