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Volume 3 Issue 3 July - Sept 2020

Review Articles

Vital Points In Ayurveda A Review Article

Vikash, Sakshi, Subhas Upadhyay

Marma science is one of the special aspects deeply elaborated by Ayurveda. Marma are several vital points on the body having importance regarding traumatic effect. These points when exposed to trauma generate the symptoms from pain to fatal effect. These points should be protected from injury. On the other hand these marma are considered as healing points. Marma chikitsa provide tridosha- triguna samanya (equilibrium) as these points are seat of prana. Another form of therapy related to body surface points is acupressure & acupuncture. These therapies use various meridian points to cure & prevent several diseases in palmar aspects of the hand. About 31 points are used as line of energy having effect of pressure on various organs when get pressurized and punctured. Ayurveda mention only five marma on palmar region. The present study reveals correlation with various marma point and meridian points specially located in palmer aspect of hand.

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