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Volume 3 Issue 3 July - Sept 2020

Review Articles

Description Of Ashaya Sharir A Review Article

Kaushal Kumar, Sakshi, Aarti Alankar Rajhans, Subhas Upadhyay

Ayurveda is an ancient science of life. Principles of Ayurveda are eternal. Every concept has its own importance. It should be understand with the help of references in different samhitas. While doing such study, one should refer the particular Samhita only, from which we got the reference to be studied. Meaning of same word may differ in each samhita. There are many conflicted concepts or terminologies which should be clarified for better understanding of samhitas. One of these is the concept of ASHAYA described in Sushrut Samhita. In this study, attempt is made to explore the concept of Ashaya in Sushrut Samhita and interpret it anatomically. This will help to explain the exact meaning of Ashaya.

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