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Volume 3 Issue 3 July - Sept 2020

Review Articles

Garbha Sharir A Ayurvedic Prospective A Review Article

Vikash, Sakshi, Subhas Upadhyay

Science is the result of curiosity of human being through which human being has studied, analyzed and come to the results of various natural processes occurring in body. Today practically and scientifically the existence of everything has been proved. Ayurveda, being a part of this science also needs a deep study and research for proving all the facts established by Acharyas in ancient time. In Ayurvedic treatise, the matter related to the concept of Garbha Sharir is systematically described in Sharir Sthana. Ayurvedic texts have very systematic description of various facts responsible for better progeny. Acharya Charaka has described Garbha as combination of three factors, i.e. Shukra, Shonita and Jeeva (Atma) whereas Garbhashaya as Kshetra (field) for implantation, proper growth and development of Garbha. In Ayurveda, which is based on an outcome of continuous efforts of thousands of years, experience, experimentation and wisdom of ancient Acharyas, very minute, scientific and excellent description of Bija i.e. Shukra, Shonita, Garbhavakranti, Garbhadhana is available. The term Garbhavakranti in Ayurveda, though analogically stands parallel to the embryology but is more comprehensive. In real senses it deals with the process of fertilization and development of the fetus starting from their parental units, their union, implantation, successive growth and finally the full term delivery. The embryology has been always a subject of curiosity. How an organism develops from a single cell is quite intriguing. Embryology is the key that helps to unlock such secrets as heredity, the determination of sex and organic evolution. It conceives a comprehensive and rational explanation of the intricate arrangement of human anatomy. The concept of Garbha Sharir mentioned in Ayurveda and in Modern science is quite similar in many point of views.

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