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Volume 3 Issue 3 July - Sept 2020

Review Articles

Role Of Swasthavritta In Preventing Sthaulya (Obesity)

Shikha, Yogeh Jakhar, Anupam Pathak

Because of modernization and inactive way of life, metabolic issues have risen quickly. Sthaulya is an abnormal and excess accumulation of Medodhatu. Sthaulya can be compared with obesity. As per World Health Organization (WHO) report currently half a billion people (12% of the world total population) are considered obese. For developing countries like India obesity is becoming public health priority. India is one of the capitals of diabetes and cardiovascular disorders. A way of living in present lifestyle which includes altered food habits, sleep pattern, stress, strain, working environment, pollution leads to various life style disorders like obesity, hypertension, cardiovascular accidents (CVA- stroke), diabetes mellitus, and tobacco-alcohol-nutrition induced cancers, arthritis etc. A healthy lifestyle promotes well being, building and proper maintaining of healthy bones, muscles and joints as well as helps in controlling weight. It increases self esteem; confidence reduces stress, strain and promotes physical, mental, social and spiritual well being. The aim of Swasthavritta is to maintain the good health of healthy person and to get rid of the disease of diseased person. Disease is the result of disturbance in homeostasis of Tridosha, Saptadhatu, Agni, Mala according to Swasthavritta. This article will deal about the role of Swasthavritta into Sthaulya (obesity).

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