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Volume 3 Issue 3 July - Sept 2020

Review Articles

Concept of Rasayan- A Review Study

Suman, Ved Prakash, Rishu, Anupam Pathak, Subhas Upadhyay

Rasayana is one of the eight main branches of Ayurveda and is recommended to increase Ojas after Shodhan therapy. The Rasayan drugs and formulations provide longevity, memory, intelligence, freedom from disease, youthful age, the excellence of lustre, complexion and voice. It is good for all age groups for the elderly, pregnant women. Rasayan therapy prevents the effects of early ageing on both and increases the body resistance to disease. Rasayan therapy is particularly good for Vata types during the autumn, to give them weight and strength and help them endure the long, cold winter. It is contraindicated in any condition associated with Ama, for the obese person and during cold and flu, congestive disorder, fever and allergies. The wisdom of Ayurveda has provided guidelines for slowing down the ageing process (Jara) by increasing Ojas.

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