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Volume 3 Issue 3 July - Sept 2020

Original Articles

Ascertaining The Effect of Dulcamara in The Treatment of Urticaria

Rakhi, E Siva Rami Reddy, Poonam Singh, Parveen Sharma, Charanjeet Singh, Pranab Kumar Chakraborty

Backgrund of Study: Urticaria is the most common and popular presenting skin complaints, that is characterize by transient, erythematous papules or plaques (wheals) of varying sizes and shapes which are usually pruritic. Homoeopathic medicine Dulcamara clinically prescribing finds good effects on treatment and management of all types of Urticaria. So there is a study to ascertaining the effect of dulcamara in the treatment of 100 cases of urticaria for improving quality of life of urticaria patient. Objective: To establish that all clinical aspects of Urticaria in a specific age group of 20 to 50 years of 100 patients with their response towards Homoeopathic medicine Dulcamara. Methods: 100 patients of 20 to 50 years age group were taken up for this study after diagnosed, to be having Urticaria with the help of complete history taking, clinical examination of the patients, investigations and managed with homoeopathic medicine i.e. Dulcamara.. Results: Out of 100 cases, 52 cases (52%) showed marked improvement, 24 cases (24%) showed moderate improvement, 16 cases (16%) showed mild improvement, while 8 cases (8%) were in status quo and no any case showed worsening of symptoms.. Conclusion: Dulcamara is found to be effective in cases of Urticaria.

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