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Volume 3 Issue 2 April - June 2020

Review Articles

History of Neprolithiasis -A Meta Analytical Study

Pranab Kumar Chakraborty, Bhavya Sikha, Suhit Khanra

Roots of all diseases go back to the Ancient, Egyptian and Masopatania. The kidney stone disease has been started with the beginning of civilization. In 1901 bladder stone were found in mummy, so American, Egypt was the victims of nephrolithiasis and treatment of kidney stone disease were mentioned in Ancient Egyptean literature since 1500BC. As the days passed, kidney stone surgery got advanced and better with minimal harm. In 276 BC Ammonius of Alexadria for the first time suggested crushing of stones to facilitate its removal. 1976 PCNL was described for the 1st time as a procedure of choice for the removal of urinary stone larger than 2cm and also located at lower pole of kidney.1997 PCNL was introduced by Bellman which consist of without Nephroastomy drainage at end of procedure. Aim- To explore the history of evolution of treatment of renal stone which will help to adopt proper therapeutic technique. Key word- PCNL, Nephrilithiasis, lithotomist, lithotones

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